Thursday, October 3, 2013

Camping and Cookies

I have a few summer pics to add to my blog o' memories.  I'm a little late, since it's October 3rd, but I've since learned that blogging takes a lot of time.
Every year (usually more than once a year) we go up north to Boulder Junction, WI.  It is my husband's one and only favorite place to vacation.  I used to love it, now I like it, and maybe not quite as much as he does.  What I used to love about camping was being able to get some exercise in while enjoying beautiful scenery.  I did go on a nice bike ride this past trip on my own, although I think I may need to rent some camping baby gear in the form of a bike trailer or backpack in the future.
Through my somewhat neutral ramblings here, I do have a point.  Nap time while camping is quite nice.  Naps for Amelie, that is.  Usually nap time means cleaning or yoga or something that I feel I need to do here at home.  There isn't much that can be done in a campsite, except maybe read.  I got smart and decided to bring my cookie decorating supplies up north this year.  It was simplified for the picnic table location, but enjoyable to look at a lake and decorate cookies.

cookies while camping
Thank you cake themed cookies for Aunt Patti

Camping and Cookies
Fourth of July cookies for the little girls. The spider was supposed to be a firework.

This is how Amelie enjoyed her s'mores by the campfire. She was strapped in her little pink coupe.

My niece Kylie's campground birthday party.

Fun at Trout Lake.

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