Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Is My Favorite Month

October is my favorite month and not just because it is the month in which I was born.  I do love my birthday tho.  Some people ask that you not make a big deal about their birthday.  Not me.   I especially love it when it gets spread out over 3 or 4 events.  Dinner with this side of the family, dinner with that side, dinner with a friend, dinner with Johnny.  Oh, you want to give me part of my present early and then go out to dinner another day?  Sure.
 Anyways, I said October is my favorite month and not because of my birthday. I love October just because of the pumpkin bread, pumpkin farm, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin spice shakes and just about everything else that goes with fall.  We even successfully grew our own pumpkins this year. Of course there were only 3, the perfect number and I felt we needed even more.

I made a few of my favorite fall cakes in the last couple of weeks.  Johnny's cousin needed cakes for her house warming party.
A 12" red velvet cake with cream cheese butter cream frosting. I chose a c-motion border and added white fondant leaves with veins painted in gold luster dust. The gold sugared leaves are made from piped white chocolate, sprinkled with gold sprinkles.

Fall cake with gold leaves

Fall cake with gold leaves

A 12" yellow vanilla cake with butter cream frosting.  I chose a rustic frosting, and piped the same white chocolate leaves and covered them in fall colored sugar.  I loved these little acorns.  I dyed some fondant brown and orange-brown, shaped the acorns, rolled the tops in the fall colored sugar and painted some gold shimmer on the bottom. 
White chocolate sugared leaves, fondant acorns

A 12" carrot cake with cream cheese butter cream and butter cream frosting pumpkin decorations for the dentist office at which John's mom and aunt work.
buttercream pumpkins little pumpkin.

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