Friday, October 25, 2013

The Biggest Spider I Have Ever Seen!!!!

I had the privilege of making a birthday cake for a spunky little 5 year old, Kamy Picard.  She is probably one of the smartest 5 year olds that I've ever known.  I could have asked her what was wrong with the spider and she would have know.  Can you figure it out?
Yes, he only has 6 legs.  I finished making these 6 legs and just decided he was creepy enough (or I thought that no one would really care if he had two more legs.)

Kamy had a halloween themed birthday party this year and she wanted something scary on her cake.  To be specific, she didn't want cutesy scary. She wanted "blood and spiders" scary.  What is more scary than a spider eating a finger?  I believe she even asked for the piece with the finger on it.

Scary cake

I used my favorite vanilla cake recipe and made some fresh strawberry filling.  And then I had some fun.   The spider body is formed from a rice krispie treat recipe and covered with a marshmallow fondant. The spider legs are a fondant and gum paste mix rolled onto wire and then bent to form the legs.  The finger is fondant and the blood is royal icing.

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