Friday, June 21, 2013

Blackhawks Cookie for My Guy.

I made this one for Johnny.  He ate it as soon as I gave it to him.  I don't normally get sad when someone eats these cookies that I put a lot of time into, but I only made one of these.  He put it down on the counter halfway through the cookie and I was almost a little relieved.  I used a projector to get the right image, but yes this cookie took awhile to decorate.  I'm glad he enjoyed because I made it just for him, but also because the Blackhawks seem to be doing pretty good since then.

Blackhawks sugar cookie

Picture Fun Spring 2013

Amelie and I have shared a couple of sweets lately.
My sister Bev and her husband Shane got Amelie a Zoku pop maker for her birthday and we just tried it out a couple of weeks ago.  I love it.  You can use 100 percent fruit juice, yogurt, and fruit chunks to create your own popsicles in less than 7 minutes.

We love to go to the Kenosha lake front on weekend afternoons.  This is Amelie getting upset that I'm not sharing my ice cream fast enough.

Smelling the flowers

Loving Daddy

Rustic frosting

Lately I've been seeing a lot of cakes with "rustic frosting."  I kind of like this idea.  What it really means is not having to spend precious minutes of your time obsessing over perfectly smooth cake sides which also allows for more decorating time.  Although I have a hard time letting it go because the feeling to make it look "pretty" is still there. I made this simple cake for another birthday at the dentist office that my aunt and mother-in-law work at.

rustic frosting technique.

Below is a cake that I did not create.  You can find the source at this site. But it shows the easy swirl technique.

If you google the term "rustic frosting" you'll see a few different styles.  Using an icing spatula and creating swirls and swoops or lines dragged up the side of the cake is as easy as it gets. Try an easy "rustic frosting" technique on your next cake!

Cookie Craving: Graduation Cookies for Macy

Graduation cookies for Pre-K.  So fun!  We are definitely going to have to celebrate early milestones with Amelie too.

Cookie Craving: beach theme cookies

So I like to make sugar cookies.
But there isn't always a lot that I want to say about them.  Since I started this blog so I can look back and remember all of the items that I've created for others, I'm still going to post the picture all by itself and call it my cookie craving.

Wha-la! Beach cookies......Now I'm starting to have a craving for the beach.

Birthday Boy

Meet Jack. Boy with eyes of wonder.
Jack turned one this month. He is such a handsome boy and he is also Amelie's first boyfriend.  He belongs to our friends Shannon & Jeremy. They have a great parenting style and it's been fun to watch their kids' personalities grow because of it. I remember watching Shannon with her daughter Kamy a couple of years ago while we were camping, she was letting Kamy splash to her heart's delight in a really muddy puddle.  I thought at that time, "that is the kind of mom I want to be."
Jack's party was from the "construction pals" theme and the star is a very silly character dump truck. I knew he should be front and center on the cake.  A dump truck is not complete without some dirt so the cake was sprinkled with some chocolate graham crackers over a little chocolate frosting. To remove some stress from decorating this huge cake for 60-70 people I decided to do a frozen butter cream transfer.
A frozen butter cream transfer allows you to create the basic shape of the character with the colors you choose by piping the frosting onto wax paper.  The sheet of wax paper that has been iced in the character shape is then placed in the freezer and used at your convenience.  The frozen frosting is then peeled off of the wax paper in one solid piece and placed directly on top of your iced cake.  Some piped details are then added the day the cake is decorated.   I've added a Wilton link to the end of this post for you to watch if you'd ever like to try this technique.

construction pals sheet cake

construction pals smash cake
Smash Cake

birthday smash cake
The birthday boy!

Thank you Shannon and Jeremy for allowing me to be part of Jack's special day!

Wilton's frozen buttercream transfer video: