Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Duck and Carriage Baby Shower Cookies & Cupcakes

I'm excited to share these baby shower cookies and cupcakes! They really were a lot of fun to do. My sister in law Andrea needed them for a shower that she was having for a co-worker. We chose momma and baby ducks and a baby carriage.

I have used white sanding sugar on cookies, cupcakes, cakes, you name it. This baby carriage is the best example of how it can make your piped lines appear much more graceful. 
Speaking of sanding sugar....Did you know that you can make your own colored sanding sugar?  It's super easy!  Pour your sanding sugar into a ziplock, add a little gel food coloring, seal it and squish it around until you achieve the shade you desire. Then you will want to add some cornstarch because the sugar will get a little sticky without it. Start with a 1/4 of a teaspoon, but remember that the more cornstarch you use, the less sparkly the sugar. Squish the cornstarch, sugar mix around to break up any clumps and until it flows like normal sugar. Spread it out onto a cookie sheet to dry for a bit and you're done!

The cupcakes turned out kind of cute too. I used the 1M wilton tip to create the frosting swirl in which I placed the fondant duck. The duck is made out of rolled, dyed fondant and cut out with the baby duck cookie cutter. I added the beak, eye, tail feathers, and feet with royal icing.
Don't you love the single cupcake stand? It didn't stay full for very long. If it's on my counter and I can see it, it's gone.

On another note.....I started this blog mainly so that I can look back on some of my creations and have great memories of them and the joy that I get from creating for others. I've come to realize that it's kind of fun to share little tid bits of information about decorating, crafting that I have learned over the years. I'm definitely not an expert but if I can inspire someone or share a tip to help your creations, I am happy to do so! 
A few topics I am thinking of sharing are:
my favorite sugar cookie recipe
royal icing recipe
coloring and preparation for decorating with icing
different ways to frost cupcakes
I'm sure I'll think of more. Let me know if you are wondering about something cookie, cake, or craft related!

My next cookies are baking as we speak.  They are a gift from my sister Bev to her husband Shane for their anniversary.  I hope they survive the ride to Georgia!  I can't say what they are but I will share it in a few days.

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