Sunday, March 17, 2013

California Love

Who else is tired of winter?
I have never been to California. Someday I am going to do a top to bottom road trip of California even if I have to go by myself. Or....I can just hitch a ride with my brother in law, Shane.
My sister wanted some cookies made for her husband Shane who loves California. She really just wanted surfboards, and I couldn't help but throw in a sandy beach for him to dream about too.  Shane works non stop, all hours of the day, in his sleep, when he is sick, on vacation, every day. He has his own successful company that provides electrical, heating/cooling installations, etc in the Augusta, Georgia area. So, if she is gifting California cookies to him, does that mean that they are planning on vacationing there and just aren't telling us? No fair.

I had to add some brown sugar "sand" and of course a shark bite!

Happy Anniversary Bev and Shane!

We just took Amelie over night to a water park resort in Lake Geneva and she had a blast! The water and temp in the pool area was balmy so I guess that was our taste of warmth until the spring/summer. I'll be wishing for some sunshine daily until then....I hope you all have had a great spring break!

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