Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dunkin Cookies

Dunkin Donuts were always a rare treat when we were growing up.  I remember gorging on boston creme and chocolate long johns until I couldn't move. Ever since I made these cookies I've been craving a marble frosted and a cold glass of milk.
My brother Mike works for Dunkin Donuts, but not in a "What kind of donuts do you want?" kind of way. He oversees the construction of remodels and new locations. His birthday is tomorrow and I've been waiting to make donut cookies for awhile.  There is something about making cookies in the shape of another food, they are very fun to eat. It's not like you are expecting to taste a donut, but maybe just a little part of you is hoping to.
It has been awhile since I have had a Dunkin donut so I had to google some images. I had some chopped peanuts, coconut, and sprinkles on hand - perfect!

A note about dark brown icing: get a running start with Hershey's cocoa powder and then use Americolor chocolate brown color to achieve a shade slightly lighter than you want to use. Colored icing darkens with time. There isn't too much to explain about these cookies but sometimes the most simple creations turn out to be your favorites.
Happy Birthday Mike!!!!

What other foods should I make into cookie form? A slice of pizza?  Salmon? No, probably not salmon.

I am really excited to share my next post. My sister-in-law Andrea asked me to make cupcakes and cookies for a baby shower that she is having for a co-worker. I will add some pictures of my creations in a few days.....

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  1. Really cute! Now I want a donut! Hope Mike likes them!