Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Cookie Necklace

In preparation for valentine cookies this year I broke out my new airbrush (thank you Johnny) which I have been dreaming desperately about using since Christmas.  It definitely takes a bit of practice and airbrush food coloring costs quite a few pennies so projects will have to be chosen carefully.  I made a plain "love" cookie and then realized that one of the few stencils I have looks just like a doily.

Plenty of grandmas out there will love this cookie.  A doily has never been something that I thought was pretty.  I guess they have their practical uses and have saved many end tables from perilous scratches threatened by crystal candy dishes.  However, many times while visiting one of my elders I have turned my nose up at the thought of one of these doilies invading my house.  Seeing how pretty this is in a picture I now start to ponder my future living room decor.

Love cookie

I took some inspiration from online digital scrapbook paper and created the heart "flower" cookies and used my candy hearts for cupid arrows.

cupid arrow cookie

plaid valentine cookie

valentines cookie necklace

The cookie necklace would probably be my daily jewelry of choice if it were socially acceptable for an adult to wear a cookie around their neck. They do make a really cute valentine's gift if you have a few moments to make some cookies for the little sweeties in your life.  To modify the cookies for a necklace all you have to do is use a straw and cut out a tiny circle in which to thread your ribbon.
Amelie LOVED her necklace.   She's been stealing my jewelry from my closet lately so I could just see the disbelief on her face when she realized that she could eat her necklace and on top of that, it was chocolate.
I will even be so kind as to share my latest favorite chocolate cookie recipe with you.  These cookies are SO good.  And I'm not complimenting myself, I'm betting Amelie could make them.  The recipe is from the Lilaloa website and I like them better than the chocolate fish cookies I shared with you this last year.  Click on the "recipe" link and it will take you there. Take a minute and look at her cookies - extremely cute!  Here are my other Valentine's cookies from last year if you'd like more inspiration.

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