Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Dedication

Happy Valentine's Day! I want to dedicate this short post to my husband's grandmother. Marilyn Yvonne Marander is a one of a kind grandma. I know I took my Grandma Rodbro for granted and didn't spend enough time with her. It makes me cherish John's grandparents that much more. Grandma Marander was one spunky lady (I should probably say "still is") but I am speaking specifically about her dating and engagement history. Grandma and Grandpa Marander have been married 55+ years. They got engaged after their first date! Did you read that? Their first date!!! She was actually engaged to someone else when she accepted Grandpa's proposal. They were obviously meant to be. It is their example of love that has probably shaped the way that my husband's family views marriage. She has never had a driver's license because Grandpa takes her everywhere she needs to go. Grandpa has never needed to cook because Grandma loves to take care of him in that way. While a lot of modern day families do not follow these traditional roles, I admire the ease that they display every day in their marriage. The following are a few pictures of the cookies that I made and sent to her a week or so back. The angels are just because she loves them, and I was just jumping to make heart cookies. I took some inspirations from the readers of Sweet Sugarbelle in her post in which she asked her readers to share their valentine's day cookies. I thought the lace cookies were really neat, I recreated them so that I could practice that awesome technique. Next time I'll have to make it my own! I used Americolor's super red and Wilton's rose pink. Someday I'll have to create a post just about dying frosting red. I hate it - for several reasons. I'm so proud of my cut out hearts, they add a nice little touch. Just for Grandma! Here she is - martini in hand! I can think of a much better picture of Grandma and Grandpa of which my in-laws have, but it is 9:00 and I should get back to MY Valentine's day! Thanks again for reading. Wishing you a lot of love today!

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