Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gingham Bunnies

Eggs are dyed, bunny has been visited, Easter basket prepared.  I know that Amelie went to bed dreaming of bunnies and eggs.  Even our prayer this evening included bunnies. Amelie's basket is full of books and little toys because we don't really eat candy in our house, but there is an exception of one necessary chocolate bunny and of course a white sugar cookie bunny.  My cookies were a bit of a mish mosh this year.  Some weird bohemian paisley rabbits....

easter cookies

 A couple traditional bunny scenes.....

bunny easter cookies

And one new pattern that I love for spring and summer. Gingham!  Yes, they do have holes in their necks.  I was going to string them on a ribbon garland in front of the patio door but I didn't get to.
easter pattern cookie

Summer picnic tablecloth cookies are in my imagination and now on my agenda.  Maybe some ants and picnic baskets....

I was so happy to find this stencil paper at Michael's.  I've been wanting to create stencils to be used with my airbrush. Luckily, I also own a Cricut machine.  In the picture below, you'll see this gingham stencil.  It was created using the Cricut and it's deep cut blade.  It was very easy, but required multiple cuts to break through the paper.  I'll be trying some more intricate designs.   Oooooo I just realized I could create monograms for cookies.  I guess you'll be seeing those soon too!

I thought you might like to see my airbrush area.  I use a trifold cardboard and some plastic sheeting over the countertop.  The first time I used the airbrush I tried gold food coloring and it turned out to be a beneficial choice.  It was a sunny day and beams of sunshine were filtering through the window.  You know how those sunshine beams show off all of the lovely dust dancing around your house?  Well, my dust particles were a very sparkly gold.  I realized then that at the very least something need to catch the overspray.  Until I could figure out a better solution, I'd also keep my airbrushing to a minimum until warmer weather came around and a box fan can be placed in the patio sliding doors with a spray station nearby.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys their Easter!  Have a great day!

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