Friday, April 11, 2014

Colony of Cupcakes

I was unsure of the correct term for a group of bunnies. Herd? Pack? School?  I just took a minute to look it up and found myself reading unnecessary information about rabbits - thanks Wikipedia.  Anyways, they are called colonies.   The only colony of bunnies that I will allow in my house, or on my plate....

mini cupcakes, carrot

I brought in a healthy snack to a "Mommy and Me" group along with little sweet bites of carrot cupcake disguised as bunnies with marshmallow tails.  We were celebrating Easter, carrot cake is a must. The Cricut has come in handy lately to cut out adornments for cakes and cookies, such as these bunny ears.  I'll be sharing a tip soon for those of you who have one of these fun machines!

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