Friday, November 15, 2013

Babies and Cakes

I'd like to have 4 children.  I  have two sisters and a brother and I love them.  I'd welcome the chaos. A full house where I call my child 4 names before getting the right one. Amelie will be able to have as many friends over as she wants, as long as they keep their crayons to themselves.  I think a loud house is better than a quite one, especially the kind where your dad bangs on the ceiling from the basement and yells to "stop playing the piano!"  Or a house where normal sounds are trumpet, flute, piano, and an oboe. Maybe not all at the same time, but a different one each day.  A bird, dog, cat, fish, and a rabbit for pets all at the same time? Sure. And as for hand-me-downs, nothing is better than wearing a nightgown that your older sister wore, even if it has her name embroidered on it.  Not to mention using your older sister's Aussie scrunch hairspray in the purple bottle because it smells so good, and then lying about it as if she doesn't have a nose.
Now mind you, I say this after only having one child.  I suppose I'd like for Amelie to have what I had growing up but I do reserve the right to change my mind, especially if my someday number 2 likes to beat her sister up.

But here's to babies, babies, and more babies....

teddy bear cake topper

Johnny's cousin Lori needed a gluten free baby shower cake for her friend.  I'm always up for a baking challenge. In the process I learned about new ingredients and it tasted great!  I know because I baked a test cake and ate it.  No, not the whole thing.  But a pretty big portion.  I just kept taking bites, thinking to myself "does this taste gluten free?"  I'm not sure, let me take another bite.
 I took a class on the Craftsy website to practice figure making and the baby was my project.  He couldn't just be left alone on the cake so the teddy bear kept him company.  I made the figures with a fondant and gum paste mix.  It's like playing with play-doh, just a little more tricky.  The other problem is that it's edible, so the whole time you are tempted to eat it.  Eating a baby's head would just be weird.

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